Tanne No Mori Okojo Ski Resort: Ski past through magnificent forests in the stillness of nature

19 October, 2021
Tanne No Mori Okojo Ski Resort is a small scale ski resort located in Shiga Kogen. The resort’s main ski slope features overgrown thickets to look at as you pass down the mountain. It also features only one lift and a rather simple course layout. Located between the Ichinose Family Ski Resort and Shigakogen Resort Ta Kamaga Hara Mammoth Ski Area, just heading off in either direction from the lift will easily take you to these resorts. With its compact size, this is one ski resort with a unique atmosphere where guests can ski in peace among the stillness of the forest.

Slope with few people
The resort features just one course: Tanne No Mori Okojo Slope. This wide, simple course offers moguls to overcome and allows riders to take the course down the way they see fit. The course is targeted at beginner to intermediate level skiers. With a gradual incline, those who’ve just started skiing should have no problem with this course.

Though the course only runs for 500 meters, for those who would like to take longer runs, heading over to either of the adjacent ski resorts would probably be best. By hopping on the lift, heading over to another course is a snap, which has gained the resort much praise for how easy it is to ski other courses.

A Course Balancing Excellent Snow And Clear Weather

Ski slopes on a clear day
With a peak elevation of 1,815 meters, the snow here is of rather fine quality. This powder snow is good enough to put them on the map alongside other wildly popular Shiga Kogen ski resorts such as Terakoya Ski Resort. Being so close to the bottom of the mountain, snow storms are uncommon, and the number of clear days the resort enjoys are sure to keep many skiers happy. Also, with less congestion compared to other ski resorts in the area, the quality of the snow remains good even into the afternoon.

Lots Of Skiers Come For The Unique Atmosphere

Run surrounded by trees
The most alluring aspect of Tanne No Mori Okojo Ski Resort is its unique slope. Different from the surrounding lively family-oriented ski resorts, this is on the more reserved, quiet side where visitors have a heightened appreciation for the passage of time. This is a place that both gives you the feeling of being at a ski resort while also being surrounded by the magnificence of nature.

The course is also home to a plethora of trees, all stretching out before skiers. This slope was designed so as to maintain the gorgeous scenery of the area, making for an amazing view even while you are riding.

Especially fantastic is the area around the peak that has been praised for its divine quality, making the place truly feel like a ski resort. While not suited to those looking to ride all sorts of different courses, it’s perfect for those looking to spend a few days in town and leisurely take in the slopes. The course, with its perfectly compacted snow, offers a unique view of the forest and is perfect for skier looking to try something a little different.

After Hitting The Slope, Enjoy A Magnificent Spot Of Tea At The Base Of The Mountain

View of ryokan area
Being such a small ski resort, there are no slope-side ski centers or rest stops to be found here. Instead, the resort offers great access to the many ryokan in the area. Coming down off the mountain train will lead you right to the closest ryokan of them all.

The area around the bottom of the mountain is brimming with places to sit down for a quick bite or to take a load off! Ski for a while, stop in for a break, and enjoy a cup of tea while taking in the gorgeous splendor of the view. Here in Tanne No Mori, we recommend taking a break after skiing just a little, before you really start to get tired.

Lots Of Onsen Resorts Means Great Sightseeing

Onsen district
Tanne No Mori Okojo Ski Resort is known for its Ichinose Area that is home to many ryokan. This area, being practically the center of Shiga Kogen, makes getting to other facilities nearby easy. As long as you find a bus or have a car, you need not travel too far to find restaurants, ski centers, ryokan for lodging, or day trip onsen.

In the area around the Tanne No Mori slope, you’ll also find all sorts of other ski resorts such as the Ichinose Diamond Ski Resort for skiers looking for something a little more dynamic; the Ichinose Family Ski Resort with its many different kinds of courses on offer; Terakoya Ski Area, with its fluffy powder snow; and more! They’re so close, even within walking distance, meaning that its no problem if one day you feel like you want to try a different course.

Lift and Slope
Tanne No Mori Okojo Ski Resort is one of the most unique ski resorts in all of the Shiga Plain. With just one course on offer and a lack of convenient facilities, some may be turned off by this resort, but for those looking for the chance to ski through the beauty of nature, to experience the unique scenery sewn together in the expanse of the forest, we recommend the one-of-a-kind Tanne No Mori slope.

The resort has won over its share of fans, many coming back every year to get their Tanne No Mori skiing fix. For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, be sure to try Tanne No Mori slope for your next ski trip.

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