Ichinose Diamond Ski Area: Huge Slopes And A Kids’ Park

08 April, 2021
Located in the heart of the Shiga Kogen Resort Area is Ichinose Diamond Ski Area, a family-friendly ski resort complete with a Kids’ Park. The Ichinose Family Ski Area, located right at the front of the resort, offers a number of different courses with Shigakogen Ichinoseyamanokami Ski Area located adjacently, leading off toward Okushiga Kogen and Yakebitaiyama. With great access to the surrounding ski areas as well as the ryokan area close by, it’s extremely easy to find something to do here.

Dynamic Slopes Offering Great Skiing

Family-friendly course
The layout of the courses is the epitome of simple. On offer are the Diamond Slopes, with gentle inclines for novice and intermediate skiers, and the Rabbit Course, which offers easy-going slopes at an incline more in line with the mountain. While the Diamond Slopes feature some areas with steep inclines, less advanced skiers can take detours around these areas for a moderate challenge without too much difficulty.

The slopes also feature free ride parks where you can ski easily back and forth. The park features some small jumps, making it perfect for those looking to hone their trick skills. The park is free to use for both snowboarders and skiers alike, so stop by if you get tired of hitting the regular slopes.

Slopes Close To The Lift
You can also go over to the Shigakogen Ichinoseyamanokami Ski Area from the meet-up spots at the foot or the peak of the mountain. These slopes also function as the connecting route to the Okushiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama Area, and is famous for all the skiers who come every year to ride the hills. We’re sure that the upbeat atmosphere of Shiga Kogen will give you goosebumps.

Ichinose Rabbit Kids’ Park: Wintertime Fun For The Whole Family

Kids’ Park
Located in the Ichinose Diamond Ski Area is a special kids’ area, Ichinose Rabbit Kids’ Park. The park is 51 meters long and includes a snow escalator, making it excellent for kids not used to snow to have a good time! Park staff are constantly posted to make sure everything is safe, so you can put your mind at ease and enjoy the winter wonderland with your children.

As the Kids’ Park is located in the central area of the slopes, this makes getting to the various restaurants, rest spots, and other courses a snap! The reception desk also offers sled rentals at 500JPY for all day sledding. Parents are of course free to play with their children in the park, making it the perfect place to spend the day with your whole family.

Snow Driving: A Whole New Winter Activity!

Also on offer at the reception desk are “snow drives.” Snow driving, much like ski biking, features a special seated sled that you can enjoy as long as you have snow boots. Snow driving is an activity that lets those who don’t feel confident skiing or snowboarding enjoy the thrill of sliding down the slopes, and is becoming more and more popular year after year! Those who rent a snow drive bike are free to ride anywhere in Ichinose Diamond Slopes. For those who want to really get all you can out of the mountain, we definitely recommend checking out Snow Driving.

Restaurant Hi HAPPY: A Spacious Diner Offering Extravagant Cuisine

A restaurant with a modern atmosphere
Close to the Ichinose Diamond Slopes bus stop is Restaurant Hi HAPPY. This spacious restaurant features a truly luxurious atmosphere. The proprietors opened this high class retaurant in the hopes of bringing happiness to all who walk through its entrance. With a menu prepared by an ultra-famous former hotel chef, each and every item on offer is made with plenty of love and care.

We recommend trying the Shiga Kogen Sandwich, a dish that is made with all sorts of different local ingredients. This hearty sandwich features thick cut roast beef and lots of Shinshu vegetables. As this restaurant is easily accessible from all the ski resorts, check it out when you feel like taking a break from the slopes.

A Family-Friendly Ski Resort With Excellent Access To A Number Of Facilities

Bird’s eye view of the main course
While there are only 2 courses in total, the shared lift tickets that let you enjoy all the Shiga Kogen Area ski resorts makes this a non-issue. With excellent access to the surrounding resorts, hotels, restaurants, and hot springs, one could say this is the creme de la creme when it comes to enjoying your time in Shiga Kogen. The Kids’ Park also makes it the perfect place for families to get out and enjoy the mountain together. The wide open slopes have a lot to offer, and we’re sure if you choose Ichinose Diamond Ski Area, you’ll leave with lasting memories.

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