Places that can be enjoyed even in the winter snowfall! 6 recommended sightseeing spots in the Gunma area famous for its onsen!

06 September, 2021
Gunma is famous for Kusatsu Onsen, which is one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan, but even outside the onsen areas, there are plenty of sightseeing spots with great atmosphere! So, today we’d like to introduce 6 super-famous sightseeing spots - among Gunma locals, there’s no one who doesn’t know about them! These are famous sightseeing locations that are easy to get to and enjoy even in winter, so after you’ve had your fill of skiing and visiting the onsen, please try checking them out!

1400 years of history! A “power spot” famous for good fortune, Haruna Shrine

The shrine
The attraction of Haruna Shrine is its unique scenery, with it being built so that it appears surrounded by gigantic rocks. This is one of the most powerful spots in Gunma, where those who have problems with relationships or finance can receive powerful energy.

The shrine 2
Not only the shrine itself but also the surrounding gardens are great to visit for relaxation and healing. Take a walk on the road to the shrine that at one time was surrounded by nature, and you can experience a mysterious atmosphere, as if for an instant you are traveling in another world.

The birthplace of the Takasaki Daruma! Syorinzan Darumaji, known as a site for matchmaking

Syorinzan Darumaji, with its numerous good-luck daruma lined up, is a popular “power spot” - a place said to have great spiritual or natural energy - for matchmaking and good luck. In the main shrine, the Great Bodhidharma is enshrined as a symbol of the North Star and the Big Dipper constellation.

In the main temple hall, prayers called “Star Festival” are performed, and if you make a reservation, you can also have an exorcism done. You can also experience “daruma-inscription” by painting in one eye of the daruma with ink, and daruma-shaped charms are also available for purchase.

Ordinary flower
Gunma Flower Park - famous as one of Gunma’s most popular cherry blossom-viewing spots. There are a number of greenhouses open for public viewing, so it’s not just in the springtime but all year that you can enjoy the beautiful profusion of blooming flowers!

The illuminations
The illuminations, which are only in winter, are particularly popular with couples looking for date ideas! Recently they have started using Project Mapping technology, so you can enjoy an even more stunning fantasy-like scenery.

Full view of the temple
Mizusawa Kannon: an old-fashioned temple near Ikaho Onsen. Within the premises, which boast 1300 years of history, there are many other interesting buildings besides the main temple hall. In addition to the unique, overwhelming beauty of the architecture, this place is also known as an outstanding power spot from a Feng Shui perspective.

Rokkaku-do hall
Rokkaku-do hall, which has been designated as an Important Cultural Property of Gunma Prefecture, is especially popular. Due to the legend that if you rotate the pedestal your wish will be granted, this is a popular sightseeing spot for women who have romantic and relationship worries.

Gunma Safari Park - where you can encounter lots of incredible animals!

Lions inside the Safari Park
Gunma Safari Park is an expansive animal park boasting 360,000 square meters of area. Riding in one of the park’s special Safari Buses, you can get a chance to observe wild animals like lions, white tigers, meerkats, and red pandas up close. The special characteristic that makes it different from zoos is the variety of hands-on activities that are offered.

The most popular event is “Lion-feeding.” Being able to witness it from up-close, anyone would be amazed at the speed and power with which the lions go after their food.

The symbol of Japan’s economic growth! Designated as a World Heritage site, Tomioka Silk Mill

Exterior view of Tomioka Silk Mill
Tomioka Silk Mill, along the way to Karuizawa, is a symbolic place that sustained Japan’s economic growth during the time when the Edo Period was coming to an end. At the time, it was one of the largest production factories in the world, and it had an impact on economic development.

Complicated machinery
It’s possible to observe the whole facility, even into its nooks and crannies. You can look at the complicated mechanisms used for silk spinning from this close up! People who would like to experience the feeling of Japan’s history should definitely go for a visit.

All sorts of sightseeing spots with old-fashioned street scenery

Megane Bashi
That about does it for our recommended sightseeing spots in Gunma Prefecture.The spots we introduced in this article are just one small part of the sightseeing locations in the huge Gunma area! There are so many more hidden gems, it’s impossible to introduce them all, so if you have a chance to visit the Gunma area, be sure to look around for yourself and see what you can discover!

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