Ikaho Onsen, to get away from your daily life. Enjoy the hot spring and feel special after skiing.

Ikaho Onsen is a hot spring village located in Ikaho-cho, Shibukawa-shi, Gunma Prefecture. We will introduce the charms of this atmospheric old town that is perfect place to relax and get away.

Ikaho Stone Steps

Ikaho Stone Steps
It is called Ishidangai in Japanese and is located at the center of the onsen resort and is known as the symbol of this hot spring village. These stone steps look as if they are going up to the sky and give the area unique atmosphere. More steps were added in 2010 and now counts 365 steps.The 365 stone steps were made with a wish for prosperity, that the onsen town would welcome many visitors 365 days a year. On both sides of the steps are souvenir shops, a shop selling Japanese steamed buns called Onsen Manju, cafes and amusement center creating a typical hot spring town atmosphere enticing travellers.

Gourmet spots in Ishidangai area

Onsen Manju
Among many shops and restaurants in this area, we recommend “Yunohana Manju” which is a traditional Japanese steamed bun with red beans filling. You can find them at a shop called Shogetsudo. This shop is said to have invented so-called Onsen Manju (hot spring buns) for the first time in Japan. Besides this soft and warm confection that can satisfy your stomach, remember to also try Tama Konnyaku (yam balls). Konnyaku which is made from yam and is a specialty of Gunma Prefecture.

How about a glass of beer or “amazake (sweet sake made out of fermented rice)” while you rest from walking around. A hot “amazake” is especially nice in fall or winter season to warm you up.

Amusement center both kids and adults can enjoy.

Amusement center
This is one of nostalgic elements of hot spring village for many Japanese. Cork riffle shooting is a popular game. There used to be more than ten amusement centers in Ishidangai area entertaining many tourists. Now there are only a few left. We recommend you stop by and see.

Foot bath. A perfect spot to rest your feet.

a foot bath spot in middle of the stone steps
There is a free foot bath spot in middle of the stone steps, Ishidangai. Feel free to stop by and rest your tired feet from climbing these steps. If you want to take a full bath to relax, there is “Ishidan no Yu” nearby.

Ikaho Shrine. Known as the god of hot spring and fertility

Ikaho Shrine
As you come up the staircases, you will find Ikaho Shrine surrounded by trees. This shrine is the guardian god of Ikaho village. It is also a god of fertility and reuniting a relationship. If you stroll in Ishidangai area, take your steps further up to this shrine to pray and feel the power of nature.

Kajika Bridge. A scenic spot to see beautiful autumn colored leaves.

Kajika Bridge in autumn colored leaves season
Kajika Bridge is a beautiful vermillion-lacquered arched bridge which is about 10 minute walk from Ishidangai. This is one of the popular tourist spots in Ikaho. You will get to see beautifully colored maple leaves around end of October to beginning of November (peak season) every year.
Visit the bridge at night time to see the colored leaves lit up which is perfectly scenic and romantic.

The Ikaho Ropeway. View from a mountain top.

It is an aerial lift line in Shibukawa connecting the onsen village of Ikaho to the summit of Mount Monokiki. Enjoy your 4 minute ride going up to 900 meter sea level from Hototogisu station to Miharashi Station. On a sunny day, you will see a panoramic view of mountains. In a park near Miharashi Station, azalea bloom in spring and colored leaves can be enjoyed in fall. Go to Tokimeki Deck ("heart-struck" deck) to see the hot spring village and village center area down blow.

Historic accommodations in Ikaho

accommodation in Ikaho
Ikaho Onsen is a well known hot springs town in Japan with over 45 accommodation facilities in the area. You can find a variety of accommodations. Some offer rooms with an outside bath called “roten buro” while others offer stone back or spa.

There are also facilities that you can experience hot springs without staying at the hotel. Look around and choose a hotel matching your travel plans and desire.


How did you find Ikaho Onsen?
Stone steps going up to the sky, a confection shop that sells steamed cakes that are the origin of hot spring bun in Japan, an exciting amusement center and Kajika Bridge with beautiful colored leaves in fall all await you to come getaway from your daily busy life.

Consider Ikaho Onsen for your next trip destination!

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