A must visit for families! The NASPA Ski Garden, complete with a skier-only slope perfect for beginners

08 April, 2021
Located in the Yuzawa area of Niigata Prefecture, the NASPA Ski Garden presents a gentle slope welcoming to beginners and families alike. One reason for this is the fact that it is one of the few remaining slopes in Japan open to skiers only. The lack of snowboarders not only makes for a more relaxing time for skiers on the slopes, it also gives the ski resort somewhat of a unique character compared to other ski resorts. Let’s take a look at what really makes the NASPA Ski Garden really stand out.

A course layout specifically designed to give peace of mind when skiing!

NASPA Ski Garden’s slopes
Slopes that have many snowboarders sitting down are a great concern for parents wanting their children to enjoy skiing in a safe environment. The use of snowboards is prohibited on this ski resort, allowing children a place to freely practice their skiing technique.

There are also other reasons why this ski resort is perfect for beginners and families. One is its course layout, which is designed in such a way that every course leads to the same spot. Other ski resorts often have courses that end up in wildly different areas. A child getting lost in the wide-open, pure white slope could be a recipe for disaster. The ability to return to the same spot regardless of the course offers great peace of mind for parents with children.

Not only that, the rich array of beginner courses on offer is surely the ski resort’s biggest attraction.

Over half of the eight courses on offer are either designed specifically for beginners, or are set at a difficulty level that beginners can also enjoy. I’m sure many of us have experienced some form of discomfort from going to a ski resort only for it to be filled with advanced course layouts. In this respect, you have nothing to fear at NASPA Ski Garden, with the ski resort offering a wide array of the courses welcome to beginner skiers.

Eight courses in total providing something for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced skiers!

A beginner course
NASPA Ski Garden offers something for everyone. While the slope itself is on the compact side compared to other ski resorts, the rich eight-course layout offers something for skiers of all skill levels.

The A Course is a beginners’ course that allows skiers to enjoy performing large and short turns. It should be noted, however, that proper care is required near the exit as the course narrows. The B Course is perfect for practicing snowplough turns (a fundamental skiing technique). This is recommended for those who have gotten a bit more acclimatized with skiing.

In addition to this, there is the wide open G Course that allows for high-speed carving turns, the famed H Course noted for its great length, as well as many other courses from which beginners can find true satisfaction.

Something for advanced skiers as well!

While the main focus has been placed on areas recommended for beginners, this ski resort doesn’t exactly leave something to be desired for advanced skiers as well. The slope also features courses filled with non-compacted snow, mogul courses, mogul slopes with a maximum gradient of 38 degrees, and other courses sure to delight both intermediate and advanced skiers alike! The NASPA Ski Garden also takes particular pride in maintaining its compacted snow courses. Efforts made to improve course comfort also seem to have won over the hearts and minds of many ski fans.

Children hitting the ski slopes for the first time should look no further than NASPA!

Kids’ Park
From the Kids’ Garden complete with a sled course to the snow play area, the ski resort is filled to the brim with activities for the kids to enjoy! Make the NASPA Ski Garden your child’s ski resort debut!

Naturally, kids skiing lessons are also available. To have children get a full sense of how invigorating and exciting skiing is, before riding the ski lift they are first acclimatized to the snow and skiing, giving them a better idea of how pleasurable and enjoyable snow can be.

Brush up on your technique at the fully-realized ski school

Children practicing at the ski school
A full range of ski school lessons for adults are also available! The ski resort has established a reputation for the conscientious guidance provided by the experienced full-time staff. Offering everything from beginner lessons to advanced lessons, this school has something for everyone looking to brush up their technique. The ski school is generally open for use every day of the week. Note, however, that some lessons are on specific days only.

Great range of deals on offer! Many lift tickets and ski rental plans to choose from

Rental shops and hotel
The NASPA Ski Garden is famous for the wide variety of lift tickets on offer. Some set tickets even provide lunch with the lift ticket. Choose the lift ticket that best suits your needs.

The ski resort also offers a broad range of ski rental equipment, including equipment for all body shapes and sizes, and skill levels. The range of kids’ ski equipment is particularly robust. You can even go to the ski resort completely empty-handed! Rental equipment doesn’t need to be booked in advance, allowing you to get everything out of the way on the day.

Full range of onsen and spa facilities available! A diverse lineup of activities are waiting for you after your ski session

The spas
The adjacent NASPA New Otani not only provides a broad range of accommodations, it also comes fully furnished with large onsen baths, rental open air bath facilities, as well as a heated swimming pool. Massage and aromatherapy treatments are also available. Why not fully enjoy a stay at a resort after a full day skiing?

If you are looking for a slope for skiers only, this is the place for you!

The majestic view from the slopes
The NASPA Ski Garden is a ski resort with something for everyone, from beginners and families, through to advanced skiers. Everyone can enjoy skiing in a safe environment, no matter their skill level.

Complete with a rich eight-course lineup, the ski resort also offers a ski school for both adults and children. In addition to the wide range of lift ticket and rental options available, the ski resort comes complete with onsen and other surrounding facilities to relax after coming down off the slope, leaving nothing to be desired! Why not check out the NASPA Ski Garden when seeking out your next ski resort?

Pricing information and schedule may not be up to date and are subject to change without notice. Please check before your trip.

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NASPA Ski Garden Niigata Prefecture

Dec. 22nd to Mar. 31st
Longest run distance2,200 m
Maximum gradient38 °
Longest run2,200 m
Maximum38 °

Adult 2 people1 night

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