Time to learn some basic ski knowledge! What are the 5 rules for going down the slopes?

19 July, 2021
Skiing down the snowy mountains of Japan for the first time is bound to be a fun experience. At the same time, however, it’s probably quite common for people to get over-excited when they get to the slopes, and stop thinking so much about the things and people around them. You have to remember that there’s all kinds of danger on the slopes as well. If you don’t know your basic ski knowledge, you might find yourself injured, or worse. So this time, we’ll be going over the five basic rules you’ll need to know if you want to enjoy some skiing. Beginners, listen up - just remember these and you’ll be fine! Just memorize these very basic rules to ski safely and enjoyably.

Be careful when you handle equipment

Carrying skis
The first thing you want to be aware of when you get to the slopes is how to carry your skis and snowboards. Skis should be placed on top of each other, and carried with both hands. With snowboards, you should use your gloved hands to clamp the board snugly under your armpit, and keep it in place as you walk. Carry both skis and snowboards carefully, always making sure not to drop them.

It is extremely dangerous to wave these around without thinking. You may hit someone with it and injure them. Always remember to walk carefully, while paying attention to your surroundings.

Also remember to put your leashes on the boots when you’re putting your snowboard on. If a snowboard falls on its own onto the slopes, it can create a very dangerous situation for everybody around it.

Make sure to be thoughtful and courteous when going on the ski lifts

Skiers riding the lifts
You’ll be able to get on the ski lift when you’re done preparing, but it goes against etiquette to push ahead of others so you can go first. Watch the flow of people and line up naturally. Depending on the circumstance, you should also let other people go in front of you. It’s important to be thoughtful and extend courtesy to others.

If you’re there in a group, you might all want to go on the ski lifts together. If that’s the case, try waiting next to the line and letting other skiers go in front of you while you wait for the rest of your group, and things will go smoothly.

Don’t ever sit down on the slopes!

Woman sitting down on the slopes
Something you absolutely cannot do is sit down and rest in the middle of the course. Not only will you be in the way of skiers coming down behind you, but if you’re somewhere that’s not visible from above, there’s a high chance that someone will end up running into you.

Of course, it’s completely inevitable for beginners to fall over a lot. But do not sit down and stay in the same place after you fall. If you’re just overwhelmingly tired and can’t go on, proper etiquette is to move to the side of the course to rest. Just try to remember, as a basic rule, that you shouldn’t sit down at all until you get to the end of the course.

Remember the rules for going down a course

Skier going down a course
While you’re skiing, it’s important to remember that the skiers in front of you are the ones with precedence. Since it’s very rare for skiers to look behind them when they ski, the golden rule of skiing is that the people behind any respective skier are the ones responsible for everyone’s safety.

Do not ever try to overtake someone recklessly. Only overtake someone in front of you when there is ample room, and you can go down a safe route next to them. Also remember that when multiple courses join together, the skiers on the main course have precedence. Make sure to watch the flow of people and merge slowly.

Don’t ski/snowboard outside of the designated courses!

A No Entry sign
This is a given, but you may never ski/snowboard down courses where entry is barred. As people get used to skiing/snowboarding, it’s natural for people to want to go down steeper slopes. As such, there’s no end every year to the skiers/snowboarders who head purposely into no-entry areas.

If you do this, however, and you get injured or lost, you may find that you’ll have to pay all rescue costs out of your own pocket. You’ll also cause massive trouble for the ski resort, rescuers, and more. So never do this, even if you catch others doing it.

Know the basic rules, and ski safe

A woman snowboarding
Those were the basic rules you’ll want to know before you go down the slopes. What do you think?

Know these basic rules, and you’ll be sure to have a fun ski experience devoid of danger. Those who want to have a safe skiing experience should keep these in mind when they head to the slopes.

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