Ski Tips for Beginner Skiers

23 September, 2020
You lose your wallet or smartphone while skiing, ork you get lost, or you cannot find your friend or family on a slope. Incidents happen out of blue. In this article, we cover common problems and solutions so you know what to do.

Skier and Snowboarder Collisions

Woman falling down
Most common trouble you see on ski slope is injury from collisions between skiers and snowboarders. Many ski resorts offer a variety of ski runs to cater for all level of skier from beginner, intermediate, to advanced.

It is important that you choose the right ski course for your skiing level and keep enough distance from other skiers. Skiing on ski terrain that does not match your skill may cause collisions.

Beginner skiers should be aware that there are obstacles such as jumps, half-pipes and other type of equipment in the snow park. Trying these obstacles without knowing the right maneuver can cause injuries such as scrapes or sprained ankle.

Listen to instructions given by your instructor well and if you happen to get hurt, leave the ski area to swiftly to get proper treatment. It would be recommended from safety perspective that you find a ski patrol to take you to a medical room in a main building.

You should also buy a travel insurance, wear a helmet and other ski protective gears to prevent injuries. It is also helpful to do stretches before you head out skiing.

Lost Child

A child skiing alone
Another common trouble is getting lost or becoming separated from family or friend. Snow mountain weather changes quickly. It maybe sunny now but the condition can easily change the next moment to blizzard causing poor visibility. Such weather change can make you lose sight of your child, family or friend

Calling your friend on the phone may not solve an issue since he or she maybe skiing and not pick upl, or internet may not be as stable which makes it difficult to locate your friend or family. Wearing bright colored ski jacket or knit hat to stand out from other skiers, let others know where you will be skiing, decide on a meet-up spot, avoid skiing alone are ways to avoid getitng lost .

Lost and Stolen (wallet, smartphone, keys, etc.)

Woman taking photo with a smartphone
Lost and stolen smartphone and key are another common trouble. Wallet is the number one lost item on slope. If you are lucky, a patrol may pick it up and report it so you will get it back. However, such chances are slim as many people come in and out of the resort.

If you drop your wallet or it is stolen, you should report it to the information desk explaining the situation, contact the credit card company to block your card, then report to the police.

You will see many theft warnings in restrooms or rest houses. It is best to leave valuable belongings at your hotel or in a coin operated locker at ski site. Bring only what you really need with you to ski area. Do not leave your skis and poles unattended. Put a security wire lock on them, always keep an eye while you are having lunch at a rest house.

Be careful handling your smartphone on a lift as gloves freeze and become slippery. Dropping things from a lift can cause injury to others.

Sudden Suspension of Ski Lift Operation and Getting Lost

Woman checking on weather
A day in a snow mountain can start out sunny but later clouds quickly cover the sky with strong gust of wind. Depending weather condition, ski resort may suddenly suspend ski lift and slope operations for safety reason. In such case, the resort will make an announcement. Lift tickets maybe refundable at the information desk or transferrable to other piste.

Poor visibility caused by bad weather can make you go off trail and get lost. If you get lost, call your friend or family immediately and ask them to get help.
It is important that you do not ski alone and stay out of areas with “Restricted Area. Keep Out.”sign.

Gear and Equipment Rentals (Broken or Damaged)

Ski gear
Trouble common for beginners is breaking rental gear or equipment by falling down or colliding with another skier.

Generally the lender asks for a full compensation of the damage in case of broken ski or ripped skiwear. The cost may go very high to pay out of your own pocket. We recommend you pay for a property damage liability insurance which costs 500JPY per day and up.

Check your rental gears to see if they work okay. Sometimes gears are broken or damaged. If you find a damage, ask the shop for an exchange.

Follow the Rules and Enjoy!

Parent and child enjoying skiing
No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance of theft, getting lost or losing sight of your child. Be prepared and don’t let a trouble ruin your happy trip.

Remember to put your valuable belongings in a locker, wear a warm underwear to keep yourself warm, don’t speed when you ski and have a great time!

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