Five non-equipment items that are actually really important for ski and snowboarding beginners

Even if you wear warm clothing, if it gets wet, you’ll be very cold. You’ll be enjoy skiing comfortably all day, however, by simply placing body warmers on your torso. Your first ski/snowboard experience in Japan! You may be excited and anxious, but the fact is, besides equipment rental and lessons, there are other items that are also surprisingly important. So, for our beginner skier readers, here are five useful items that you’ll really appreciate having on the slopes!

Put on your favorite cap and be warm in style

A woman wearing a knit cap
You can rent skis and snowboards at all Japanese ski resorts. The selection is wide, and the latest gear is on offer - but rentals of smaller accessories is surprisingly lacking. The most important of these un-rentable items is the "cap".

What is recommended here is not a brimmed cap, but a knitted one made of warm material. Did you know that ten percent of body heat is lost through the head? Not having the skin directly exposed also increases safety, so a cap is a very important item for protecting against the cold.

Make effective use of disposable body warmers! How to enjoy skiing and snowboarding without feeling the cold

A woman warming her hands with a hand warmer
Winter in Japan certainly is cold, and at ski resorts it’s even colder. Which is to be expected, given all the snow, really is cold. The most effective item to keep your body warm on ski slopes as cold as these is a disposable body warmer.

If you master how to layer your clothes, you can say good bye to both sweat and cold

A woman wearing thick clothing on the ski slope
Deciding what to wear when skiing can be a little tricky. If you wear too much, it can be difficult to move, but you don’t want to be cold either. It’d also be great to cut down on baggage as well, of course. In cases like this, we recommend incorporating the technique of layering your clothes!

For underwear, a "first layer" of synthetic fiber, which is quite affordable lately, is best. It’s good at absorbing perspiration, and its heat retention is also great. A thin layer of down clothing is the best thing to wear between your skiwear and underwear. Clothing made from down is warm and light, making it easy to move in. Moreover, since it can be folded up into a small bundle, you won't have any trouble when packing your luggage. It’s easy to reduce your amount of baggage if you master this kind of layering!

Smartphone usage made easy! Snap photos at any time with smartphone gloves

Gloves and goggles
If you come to Japan to enjoy some skiing and snowboarding, you won’t want to miss out on photo opportunities! However, if you take your ski gloves off to control your smartphone, your hands are going to get cold. You can’t take good photos with numb hands. In cases like this, we recommended wearing a pair of thin gloves under your ski gloves.

Recently, gloves that let you use your smartphone while wearing them are on the rise. If you choose the thinnest ones available, your other hand holding onto the ski pole won't get stiff and you can aim for an exquisite photo opportunity. They’ll keep your hands warm too, of course! It’s an essential item for photo lovers.

Watch out for severe sunburn! UV protection is essential

A sun-drenched ski slope
The ultraviolet rays out on the slopes are as strong as those that give you sunburn at the seaside or by the swimming pool in summer. Particularly on clear, sunny days, at a ski resort you will be exposed to a considerable amount of ultraviolet radiation reflected off the snow’s surface. That’s why it’s important to take proper measures against UV radiation, no matter who you are. The sunlight reflected off the snow is extremely intense, and you’ll be in a situation where you are exposed to ultraviolet rays from both above and below, so taking due care is essential!

In conclusion - these are just a few of the important items, besides rental ski equipment, needed on a ski trip. Don’t forget to bring them with you, or purchase them locally, and enjoy a comfortable skiing life!

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