Must Haves for Girls! 8 Items You Should Bring Skiing or Snowboarding.

25 October, 2021
If you are skiing in Japan for the first time, you maybe wondering what you should bring skiing. Of course, everyone knows about ski, boots and poles, but you may feel unprepared if you are heading to a place you have never been before. Here is a list of things every female skier should bring skiing:

Item 1: Knit Ski Hat (Beanie Hat)

skier wearing a knit hat
Knit hat or beanie hat is a must have item to block cold wind and the sun’s ultraviolet. Make sure you purchase before your trip since it may not be available at a rental gear shop on the resort. Choose a tight fit as it may come off when you move around. Ones that cover your ears will keep you warm better.

Item 2: Sunscreen

ski slope with sun light
Sunscreen is not only for summer! Use sunscreen to block cold wind and the sun’s ultraviolet (UV).

UV radiationis at its most intense on a bright sunny day on snow. There is a big chance you get a goggle tan if you don’t put sunscreen. If you are not one of those people who like the goggle tan, it is wise to wear the sunscreen.

Item 3: Ski Mask

a skier wearing ski mask
Ski mask is a useful item. It covers your whole face protecting you not only from your getting cold but also skin damage. Skiing with or without the mask makes a big difference in comfort under cold weather. Consider buying one if you want to protect your skin from sunburn, sun damage and cold weather.

Item 4: Thermal Underwear

Remember to bring light thermal underwear and leggins for base layer. You may think think you should wear thick underwear to keep you warm, but thick layer can make you uncomfortable and hard for your body to move. Bring few sets of lightweight underwear and clothes so you can adjust by layering depending on the weather condition.

Item 5: Heat Pads

Heat pads
Heat pads become very handy on a snow mountain. Make sure you bring many so you will be warm all through your trip. Keep one in your pocket to warm your hands when they freeze. Putting adhesive type on your body is also a good idea, but don’t do it too much as you can get too hot and sweat.

Item 6: Protective Hip Pad

a thick towel
This is an item that every beginner skier should have! You will go through the stage of falling over a lot in the first round of leaning. Once or twice may not be a big deal, but your knees and buttocks start hurting after a few times.
Protection gear comes in different types including hip protective pad or knee pad which can be purchased through internet if there is no ski & sports shop in your area. If you cannot find protective hip pad, you can make your own by putting a thick towel under your ski wear.

Item 7: Coin Purse

a coin purse
Bringing your large wallet skiing is not ideal as you run a chance of dropping it. Instead, bring a coin purse with just enough money to have a meal while you take a break. Be sure to zip up your pocket.

Item 8: Pocket Size Facial tissue

Pocket Size Facial tissue
Facial tissue can be handy as cold air may cause you to experience runny nose. If you have a full makeup on and realize you need a touch-up, a facial tissue can help you greatly. Wipe off here and there necessary. There are many other situations facial tissue can be useful so always have it in your pocket.


These are our pick of 8 items for you to bring skiing. We hope these tips help you enjoy skiing!

One last piece of advice. Always keep an eye on your belongings to avoid losing them. Losing your smartphone in a snow mountain is a nightmare!

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